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My Favorite Hat Stands: Contemporary & Antique

Updated: Jul 1

hat on wooden hat stand

Stand: USAVECO / Hat: Amazon

You know that elevated feeling when you open a beautifully organized closet? Your eyes light up, your shoulders relax, and you let out a deep breath.

Let's bring that sigh of relief to your headwear storage. Hats deserve to be laid out just as carefully as your dresses and skirts.

It's ideal to organize your hats so they're visible at a single glance. In addition, you'll want to store them in a way that protects the brims, and maintains the hat's overall shape.

Hat stands do just that. These are my four favorites that I use for organizing--and displaying--my beloved chapeaux.

1. USAVECO wood hat stands

straw hat on wooden hat stand

 12" Stand / Hat: Scala

Stands: natural finish / Black hat: Amazon 

These wooden hat stands are from longtime Etsy seller USAVECO. Handmade in California, the stands are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Not only do they come in four different heights, but also in a dozen different colored stains. Mine all have a 'natural' finish to coordinate with my closet.

You can order them individually or as a set of four. I have been using them for many years and they have are still sturdy.

2. Antique-style metal hat stands

newsboy cap on metal hat stand

These antique-style hat stands are also adjustable. Made of metal with a cast iron base, the stand's top portion can be titled forward and backward.

These stands are heavyweight and sturdy. I love the decorative effect of the Victorian-style details.

You can find these stands on the Oregon-based National Hat Museum's Etsy shop here. There are also similar metal hat stands on Amazon here.

3. Collapsible plastic hat stands

folding plastic hat stand

These collapsible hat stands probably wont win a beauty contest, but they're so useful. They are lightweight and durable for travel. Squash them in your suitcase and they wont break.

You can find these flexible stands here in black and hot pink.

4. A millinery hat block

straw hat on wood hat block

Wood hat blocks have been used for centuries for hand-blocking wool and straw hats. They are also stylish and useful for hat storage.

I found this vintage hat block on ebay years ago. You can find vintage hat blocks on Etsy.

For new hat blocks that ship from the US, try this Brooklyn-based millinery supply shop and this Missouri-based block maker.

Happy hat storage! May you wear all of your different hats in good health.

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