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Look Naturally Pretty without Hair Showing, Part 3

Updated: May 9

Woman in hair turban with face mist

Spa bathrobe: Boll & Branch, similar here / Microfiber hair turban: Amazon

It's a real thrill when people say "you look lovely," not, "your makeup looks lovely." You feel like a Renaissance painting, glowing from within.

Look Naturally Pretty without Hair Showing

In part 3 of this series (click to read part 1 and part 2), I present you with 10 tools to bring out your natural radiance. I love and use all of them on a regular basis. A handful were recommended by my dermatologist.

They'll help you look and feel naturally pretty, even without hair showing.

1. Cuticle oil pen

Cuticle oil pen

The first thing I love about this mango-infused cuticle oil is the punchy packaging. I use the soft bristles to hydrate my cuticles, and also the hard-to-reach area underneath the nail.

The angled silicone tip is an innovative tool for gently pushing cuticles back.

The subtle fragrance gives me summertime energy, no matter the season. It lives in my purse, and is how I keep busy while sitting in traffic... shh.

2. Gold undereye masks

These collagen and amino acid-infused undereye gel masks are perfect for tired moms. Kid moms, dog moms, plant moms, you name it.

You can refrigerate them for a cooling, spa-like experience. Wear for 10-15 minutes every morning, then wave bye-bye to dark circles and puffiness.

3. Caudalie grape water

Caudalie Grape Water Mist is a skin hydration game-changer. My dermatologist recommended it after a mini Fraxel treatment I had years ago.

The fragrance-free formula is smoothing and refreshing, like sea spray on a spring morning.

4. Rezamid

I wish I didn't have a need for this in my medicine cabinet, but I do. This Rezamid acne treatment lotion contains sulfur and resorcinol, and really does dry out breakouts.

While I rely on these zitsticka patches for larger breakouts, Rezamid does the trick for smaller ones. Its neutral tint adds light coverage.

Another slam dunk from my dermatologist.

5. CoverGirl Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Balm

This affordable tinted lip balm by Covergirl adds a natural-looking hint of color to liven up your complexion. Bonus that is contains hyaluronic acid for a plumper out, and is fragrance-free.

6. Reuseable makeup remover cloths

These little velour cloths bring me so much joy! I am so glad to be rid of the urgency of restocking disposable cotton pads when running low.

Reusable cloths mean one less thing on my to-do list. Plus less waste, less bathroom clutter, and such a soft, fluffy feeling.

The texture gets every last bit of makeup off so you go to bed with squeaky clean skin. You can find similar ones here.

7. Free weights

This is the ultimate tool for glowing from within. Your body's natural serotonin and endorphins after a workout bring healthy color to your complexion.

I keep a pair of lightweight free weights in my car, next to a pair of sneakers. They're always ready for my daily speed walk around a pond at a local park. The pretty color is a bonus.

8. Aerin rollerball perfume

I say, if it makes you smile, it makes you more beautiful! A dab of subtle fragrance can make you feel more joyous, and thus appear lovelier to yourself and others.

I love Aerin's rollerball eau de perfums, like Wild Geranium and Mediterranean Honeysuckle. The pretty packaging and delicate floral notes transport you to a field of wildflowers.

9. TriXera lotion

This is another great recommendation from my derm. Avene TriXera (now reformulated as Xeracalm) gives lightweight hydration for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

It contains niacinamide and Avene's star ingredient: thermal spring water from the Cevennes Mountains in southern France.

10. Pure cool mist humidifier

This compact cool mist humidifier hydrates your skin, eyes, lips, and sinuses while you sleep. Wake up with minimal congestion, even on winter mornings.

When using these, I have less of a need for eye drops and a heavy lip mask. I have one in each of my kids' rooms.

It's also available in larger sizes for bigger rooms.

As a high school teacher of mine used to say, "Taking care of yourself is a full-time job."

Thank you for reading!

May your self-care efforts elevate you to your best, highest self.

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