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Wrapping with a Soothing Hue

Updated: May 12

Soothing hues: good for you, good for your mood.

It's not easy to stay upbeat during a long day of holding down the fort, raising up children, and balancing the books. I'm here to help.

Let's start with your headspace. This cotton scarf from Amazon, previously featured here in navy, is a calming shade of mushroom taupe.

In the photo above, I've tied it in the Double Wrap technique, which you can learn here. The cool "greige" color coordinates smoothly with these Vionic leather knee high boots.

shown with a gold leaf bobby pin

This smooth leather tote bag from Quince is a most calming shade of ocean blue. Its pockets for a laptop and phone, plus a hook for keys, help you keep it all together. The low price tag and free shipping both ways give further peace of mind.

Layer on this cozy ivory cardigan duster and an aquamarine necklace, then feel calmer all day. Your serenity is a powerful force.

Thank you for reading!

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