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Quick Start Guide to Head Scarves: Shopping and Tying

Updated: May 9

Let's keep things simple: you love headscarves. You want to enjoy the creative expression. You want scarf shopping to be a pleasure. And you have good taste.

Let's simplify--and beautify--tying head scarves.

Quick Start Guide: Shopping for & Tying Head Scarves

In this post, I'll demystify squares, triangles, and rectangles. Read until the end for tips on embellishing with narrow scarves and sashes.

Triangular & Square Scarves


  • At least 32"x32" squares for full head coverage

  • Cotton is the most budge-proof

Quick tying tips:

  • Tie silk squares on top of a cotton scarf or velvet headband to prevent slipping

  • Fold squares in half diagonally to make into a triangle

The 50-second video tutorial below shows how to tie a simple bun style. No hair is needed.

Rectangular Scarves

What to look for:

  • At least 17" wide by at least 72" long for the Double Wrap style (video below)

  • Lightweight, gauzy fabrics are easier to tie than heavy ones

  • Stretchy fabrics allow a snug fit without headaches

  • Frayed edges lend a bohemian flair, and can be tucked in for a more conservative style

The 60-second 'Double Wrap' video tutorial below shows a simple technique for rectangles. It also happens to be my personal favorite.

Narrow Scarves and Sashes

(Screenshots from my first YouTube tutorials in 2010: the Urban Wrap Down Low and the Rapunzel)

Quick tips:

  • At least 27" long for ease of tying

  • Consider silk sashes in a diamond shape, like the Lauren Ralph Lauren line at Macy's

  • The search term 'narrow scarf' yields more shopping results than 'sash'

  • Wear as a headband or an accent on a full-coverage scarf

Wishing you lots of success and enjoyment in your scarf-tying adventures!

Thank you for reading

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