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How to Wear a Head Shaper

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The most youthful direction is up. Both your hand-tied and pre-tied headscarves benefit from the uplifting, soft fullness of a volumizer. These types of undercaps add flattering height in the back of the scarf, and subtle lift around your face. This head shaper's lightweight back padding and stitched-down pleats do just that. I find that this cap also creates a beautiful effect underneath turban hats, as shown here and here.

I recommend putting on a velvet headband to prevent the volumizer from slipping backwards. Gently pinch and tug the outmost layer of the cap to create volume behind the front edge, where there are no stitched-down pleats. In the video and photo above, I've tucked the back edge underneath at the nape of the neck, and deeply pleated the fabric an inch above there to add more fullness to the lower back area.

This Sublime Rose fragrance and replenishing lip balm also play unseen, supporting roles. Just like many of you. Subscribe to the newsletter below for weekly headwear ideas, and to know that you are seen.

Volumizer: Amazon

Velvet headband: Amazon

Fragrance: Tory Burch

Lip balm: Estee Lauder

Purple Scarf: Headcovers

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