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What to Wear With a Corduroy Cap

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Finally, a roomy newsboy cap with full coverage! It's been so long since I've found one. Years ago I loved shopping for Betmar caps, which were always feminine and chic. Lately they've been scarce.

Last month, I discovered this cap made of broad-wale cotton corduroy. I gravitated toward green because I favor earth tones, and it's available in six other colors. The brim is shorter than most, which creates a more feminine silhouette.

In the photo and video, I'm wearing the hat over this single-layer cotton undercap. I love that this lightweight rayon rectangular scarf, which I'm wearing around my neck in the video below, matches beautifully.

I may remove the brown buttons to make the cap monochrome. If I keep them on, they'll match perfectly with these Cole Haan bow drivers and this buttery-soft leather bag.

cotton-spandex layering cap

Flatter the hat's warm green hue with golden accents like these huggie earrings, a green reversible belt with metal buckle, and this irresistible cocktail ring (currently on sale!). The girly accessories keep the overall ensemble feminine, since newsboys can be a bit, well, boyish.

When gifting season rolls around, add this Aerin Amber Musk D'Or fragrance to your wish list. Even a modest woman occasionally needs some big-ticket opulence.

This rayon-blend tiered maxi dress has elastic sleeve hems and (drumroll) pockets! These thoughtful details make life easier. Living a meaningful life isn't easy, and I hope these ideas lighten--and brighten--the road.

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Hat: Amazon

Undercap: Amazon

Scarf: Amazon

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