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How to Style a Jersey-Knit Newsboy Cap

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I love newsboy caps for their ease of styling, classic shape, and unobstructive brim. This bamboo-rayon cap is made with a heathered charcoal jersey knit. The black floral applique adds a flattering focal point. Slide the brim slightly off-center for an edgier look.

The video below shows how this newsboy looks with different layering caps underneath. First, a single-layer gray cotton cap; then a bamboo-rayon ruched cap, which gives more volume. Learn more about the ruched cap on the post here. For a dressier look, I'll consider replacing the plastic button with a small brooch or gemstone bead.

I couldn't decide which of these two charcoal dresses would be more perfect with this hat, so I present you with both. The first is a cotton-blend jersey with a drawstring, which you can wear loose or cinched at the waist. The second is a divinely cozy turtleneck dress (pictured below) made of 100% cashmere.

Consistent with the hat's accent color, these leather booties and this supple leather wrap belt are both solid black. These silver-toned 'Edwardian earrings' add a modern edge.

Finish the timeless aesthetic with a sheer tint of L'Oreal Colour Riche matte lipstick in the shade 'independent.'

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Newsboy Cap: Amazon

Cotton undercap: Amazon

Ruched undercap: Amazon

Drawstring dress: Amazon

Turtleneck dress: Quince

Belt: Nordstrom

Booties: Nordstrom

Lipstick: Target

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