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Ruched Bamboo Undercap

Updated: May 9

Lately this soft bamboo rayon-spandex undercap has been rocking my headscarf routine. It has a soft, silky texture, and no tag inside. I wear it set back from my hairline for subtle volume at the top back of my head, with a grip headband underneath to keep it in place. This cap adds flattering volume under both turbans and headscarves.

For a close fit under a snug-fitting hat, pull it forward toward your forehead. You may also want to try wearing it by itself, perhaps with a narrow sash tied above or behind the cap's front edge to softly frame your face. Above I'm wearing the 'olive neutral' hue. It comes in seven other colors.

Before putting on the headband and undercap, reign in stray hairs along your hairline. This gives a smooth, tidy effect to your headwear. Begin by spritzing water with this small continuous spray bottle. The bottle will blend right in with the chic skincare containers stored on your bathroom shelf.

I have been using this Spornette brush for years. While it's not as gentle as a natural boar-bristle brush, it has a stronger grip to reign in stubborn strays, especially at the nape of the neck.

It takes strength to go against the grain. Today that means being a grateful, happy person. Grateful for your spouse, your neighbors, and the country you live in. Wishing you continued fortitude.

Undercap: Cardani on Amazon

Spray bottle: Amazon

Brush: Spornette, Amazon

Velvet headband: Madison, Amazon

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