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The Orchid Pre-Tied

Updated: Nov 15

Simplify your headwear look with with this smooth pre-tied scarf by Headcovers. It's made with a lightweight, cool-toned purple jersey knit gathered into a ruffle.

The key to making lightweight fabric flattering as a headcovering is to add softness underneath. In the video below, I've layered the pre-tied over a cream bamboo jersey volumizer by Cardani. I love the softly voluminous silhouette this creates. A velvet grip headband keeps the look in place all day. This volumizer fits snugly, so I recommend stretching it out a bit if you have a larger head size.

A brooch adds polish along the back elastic gathers. Anthropologie's vintage-inspired pin collection is dazzling. Wouldn't you agree that this one and this one are perfect for this scarf style?

For a quiet complement to the Anthro brooches, add these Swarovski CZ studs by Amazon Collection. Elevate the look with a dab of Aerin's wild geranium eau de parfum, and a sheer layer of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in skyline pink. May you be your highest self today.

Pre-Tied Scarf: Amazon

Volumizer: Amazon

Wreath Brooch: Amazon

Earrings: Amazon

3-Pearl Brooch: Anthropologie

Paisley brooch: Anthropologie

Ring: Bloomingdale's

Fragrance: Aerin

Lipstick: Revlon

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