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What I'm Thankful for This Year

I am thankful to God and country for the life I live. I am thankful for my husband and gaggle of ducklings who bring joy to milestones and little moments. And I am beyond grateful for you, my readers, whom I am privileged to serve.

I wake up energized each morning at the thought of catering to your needs. Each evening I am excited for the next day's work: creating articles, photos, and videos that make meaningful, intelligent women feel seen.

I started The Style Underground fourteen years ago as a small Etsy shop. I offered handmade headscarves and hats that I stitched in the living room of my tiny New Jersey apartment. My headwear and scarf-tying video tutorials attracted the attention of admirable women who live life with deep conviction.

To this day, The Style Underground readers are lively, optimistic, POWERFUL women. Powerful in a way the mainstream may not appreciate; rather, influential in a deep, eternal way.

Wishing you a happy holiday season. May you have continued freedom and confidence to express your values.



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