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Three Easy Sewing Methods to Raise a Neckline, Part 3

Updated: Jun 28

Dress: Amazon, XS-XXL / T-shirt for build-up: 4Kids / Necklace: Talbots / Bolero: Amazon, S-XL

In part 1 of this neckline series, I demonstrated 2 quick fixes for necklines that are slightly too open. In part 2, I presented 5 neckline add-ons that you can order online--no needle or thread needed.

Here in part 3, I'll show you 3 simple sewing hacks to raise a deep neckline. Scroll to the bottom for tips on making the build-up blend in.

The video tutorial

Ready to begin? Let's start with the 3-minute tutorial below.


Handheld travel steamer by Reliable

Mini measuring tape for body

Extra-fine glass-head pins

Keep reading for more juicy details and tips!

Method 1: Add fabric from a t-shirt

This first method adds security around the entire length of the original neckline.

The benefit of adding t-shirt fabric is that it allows the neckline to stretch. The stretch makes the garment is easy to take on and off, even with a much higher neckline. Plus, the hem is already stitched, which saves you time.

I've brought garments with me into Target and Walmart many times, looking for a tank or camisole in a matching fabric. The yellow t-shirt used in this tutorial is from the kids' department! It's a steal at less than ten dollars.

Below I've styled this 100% cotton maxi dress with a mink brown bolero. It can be tied around the waist, or worn loose.

I find the bolero's rayon-spandex fabric to be lightweight and comfortable, even in hot weather. It comes in 7 other solid colors.

Bolero: Amazon, S-XL / Dress: Amazon, XS-XXL / T-shirt for neckline: 4Kids

Method 2: Attach fabric only at the corners

This second method is faster than the first, and allows the added fabric to drape gracefully.

On the orange dress above, I cut a piece of moisture-wicking jersey knit from my fabric stash. Like in method #1, the added fabric is not a perfect match. However, I'm pleased with how well the colors coordinate.

The first photo shows the dress right side out, and then second shows the dress inside-out. Cutting the fabric piece with extra length, so it extends below the chest. This creates greater security, since the fabric isn't attached to the bottom of the dress' neckline.

Method 3: Take fabric from the back of the garment

This third method is the most time-consuming, but yields the most elegance. It take me about 30 minutes to do this alteration using a sewing machine.

If you have some sewing experience, it's pretty simple to do. A friend, relative, or neighbor who sews might be willing to help you out.

Add a necklace and a bolero

When wearing these dresses, I often add a necklace that hugs the garment's original neckline. It helps create a seamless effect.

It also adds smile-flattering sparkle. What better way to add a finishing touch?

Thank you for reading!

May your day unfold seamlessly. And if it doesn't, may you nevertheless feel graceful.

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