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Headwrapping in the Garden of Eden

Updated: May 12

Green scarf: Amazon

Wouldn't we all like a timeshare in the Garden of Eden right about now?

I'll take a permanent vacation please.

The scarf

This lightweight rectangular scarf is an earthy shade of green that would blend right in with the lush foliage. Bonus: it's 100% cotton, affordable at under twenty dollars, and ships quickly. Heavenly.

The video

The underlayers

Volumizer cap: Amazon

The scarf, previously featured in navy and cool beige, is pictured above with a bamboo-rayon volumizer underneath. It adds subtle, shapely volume with little effort.

The fragrance

Continue the verdant garden vibe with Aerin's Hibiscus Palm eau de parfum, with its notes of lotus, hibiscus, and ginger.

I love travel size perfumes are a girl's best friend because they store easily in a caddy next to makeup brushes. They're also easier on the wallet.

The lip color

L'Oreal Colour Riche in 'mauved' is a nude warm pink that balances out the scarf's muted, cool undertone.

Wishing you a cool, calm, relaxing day in your own personal oasis.

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