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3 Headcoverings for Busy Mornings

Updated: Nov 22

The moment after slipping off my satin eye mask on a soon-to-be-busy morning, the fastest headwear choices become my favorites. My hand gravitates to them every time, even over a splashier multi-scarf ensemble carefully picked out the night before.

The routine starts with some hair taming (stocking cap, jersey headband, or hat liner), and ends with a light swipe of mascara and balm stain. Then I'm ready to scramble through out the door and make my way in the world. Here's how you can quickly make your headwear look chic when you're in a rush.

1. Berets

For a look that's clean and classy, choose a beret. Subtle embellishments like fabric flowers and pearls add texture and interest. Create a fuller silhouette by wearing a lightweight triangular scarf underneath. For extra coverage and slip prevention, wear a wide headband peeking out under the front edge of the beret.

2. Turban Hats

I love turban-style hats that emulate hand-tied headscarves. To make the silhouette really chic, wear your hair in a high bun, and put on a cotton layering cap underneath. Wear the turban-hat tilted off-center and add a sparkly brooch behind the front edge.

3. A Pre-Tied Scarf

The last suggestion is to dive into your stash of pre-tied scarves, and pull out one that matches your outfit. This option involves little handiwork, and is so quick and easy.

I hope you allow yourself time today for rest and self-care. Thank you for reading! Subscribe to the newsletter below for a weekly headwear celebration.

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