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8 Skirt Extenders for Every Outfit

Updated: 2 days ago

Skirt extender: Grace Karin, S-XXL / Denim skirt: Esteez, sizes 0-18 / Bag: Humble Chic

Sometimes you'd like extra length on your skirt or dress. It helps you feel confident and comfortable stepping out in the world.

You could search for fabric in a matching color. Then measure and cut the fabric. Then stitch it to the hemline.

Or you could add an underlayer. Quick, easy, and chic!

Keep reading to discover eight of my favorite skirt extenders.

They are perfect not just to lengthen hemlines, but also to add coverage under slits, shirttail hems, and high-low hems.

I'll show you a variety of lengths and shapes. You'll find the right one for pencil, A-line, full, and even mermaid silhouettes. They're affordable, and many are size-inclusive up to 4X.

Let's get started!

1. Grace Karin 'nude' ruffle-hem underskirt

Underskirt: Grace Karin, S-XXL / Denim dress: Target, sizes 00-30

White denim skirt: Esteez, sizes 0-18 / Bag: Humble Chic

What a confectionary combination of jersey and chiffon! This underskirt's color is listed as 'nude,' but I find it's closer to a soft peach.

It's available in sizes small to XL, and also comes in navy, black, and ivory. Scroll to the bottom to see how I've styled the black version.

2. Ivory eyelet-hem underskirt

Skirt extender: Beautelicate, S-XXL

Linen dress: The Drop, XXS-5X / Boots: Amazon

This underskirt is so much fun to wear! It measures 32" long, and is 100% cotton. The eyelet hem adds subtle texture.

It's a soft ivory color that works when you don't want pure white.

The skirt is made by Beautelicate, a brand that makes useful underlayers. Keep reading for more brilliant underskirts from them.

3. Black cotton-eyelet underskirt

Underskirt: Beautelicate, S-XXL / Dress: Quince, XS-XL, 1X-3X / Shoes: Calvin Klein

Underskirt: Beautelicate, S-XXL

This comfortable cotton underskirt comes in black and ivory. It measures 22" from waistband to hem.

I often wear it as a petticoat. It adds lightweight volume under full and A-line skirts.

4. Jersey pencil layering skirts

Layering skirt: Esteez, S-XXL here, 1X-4X here

This layering piece is great under pencil dresses and skirts that are too short for your taste. Sometimes I wear it upside down for a different hem finish. I often size up in these types of skirts, as they are tight-fitting.

The skirts come in sizes XS-XXL here, and 1X-4X here. Choose from a handful of basic (and punchy!) solid colors.

5. Straight-hem maxi skirt extender

Underskirt: Beautelicate, S-XXL / Skirt: Land's End, XS-3X / Sandals: Vionic, 5-13 M & W

Underskirt: Beautelicate, S-XXL / Dress: The Drop, XXS-5X / Belt: Amazon, 24"-43" waist sizes

This underskirt adds quiet drama. I wear it when I want to extend an ankle-length garment to a full maxi length. I love especially the subtle fullness it adds under a tiered skirt.

It measures 34" long and 100% cotton.

6. Jersey A-line layering skirts

A pencil-shaped layering skirt often looks awkward under a full or flared dress. That's where these A-line layering skirts are so useful. They come in black and gray in sizes XS-XXL.

You can choose from 23", 25", and 27" lengths. Gosh I love having choices.

For white, navy, dark gray, and beige, consider this A-line layering skirt by Kiki Riki. Note: I have the size medium in black, and it measures 21.5" long.

7. Grace Karin black ruffle underskirt

Skirt extender: Grace Karin, S-XXL / Dress: Maggy London / Heels: Calvin Klein

Skirt extender: Grace Karin, S-XXL / Poncho: Amazon

This black skirt extender is the same as the peach underskirt shown earlier. I wear the black color for evening and dressy events.

I've also worn it alone as a skirt, with a lace-waistband half slip underneath.

8. Mermaid layering skirts

Layering skirt: Esteez, S-2X

What about a mermaid silhouette, you ask? These slinky layering skirts add extra length in just the right shape. They are made of polyester-spandex, and measure 28" long in all sizes.

The skirts are available in black and navy, in sizes small to 2X.

9. The lacy tiered underskirt

Underskirt: Beautelicate, S-XXL

Last but not least is this creamy tiered confection. Its lace details are enchanting!

It's versatile enough to wear peeking out as a skirt extender, as a hidden petticoat, and also on its own.

I hope these options add ease and joy to your life as a modest gal.

Thank you for reading!

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